Experience and Skills Required to Become an ESC Consultant


  • Over 10 years of experience in business, nonprofit, government or academic sectors
  • Content expertise in key areas such as strategic planning, finance, human resources and/or marketing
  • History of involvement with nonprofits as a board member or volunteer preferable


  • Commitment to 1-2 projects per year
  • Able to travel during business hours to client’s location at times that fit client’s needs
  • Attendance at ESC training courses and seminars


  • Analysis and Critical Thinking: Able to reach conclusions, think strategically and determine consequences of different actions
  • Versatility: Work well with diverse groups of people and types of nonprofits
  • Strong Communication Skills: Active listening, writing, speaking and presenting
  • Passion: Genuine interest in helping nonprofits succeed
  • Dedication: Willing to commit the time needed and to work with limited resources
  • Attitude: Engender trust, respect and support in all interactions
  • Openness to Learning: Willing to learn new skills and attend professional development meetings
  • Expertise: Keep current in field of professional specialization (such as finance, human resources, marketing, etc.)
  • Computer Skills: Email and Word required; PowerPoint helpful
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