Communications and Marketing

It is important for nonprofits to tell their story. We can help you by working with you to create a communications/marketing plan. A communications plan is a written document that can help guide your organization’s efforts to create clear, coordinated and effective communications.

Most nonprofits have limited communications resources. A communications plan will help you focus your resources on the most important communications tasks and set priorities. It will help you integrate all of your communications activities so that you are consistent in your messages and will ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page when they communicate.

You and your consultant will work together to develop the objectives of your plan. Your goal may be to increase donations, to increase the number of participants in your program, to raise awareness of an issue or to deal with a crisis. You will learn how to use effective communications to achieve your goal. First comes a period of evaluating how effective your organization is in communicating its messages. The next steps are to develop and implement the plan.

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