Our Mission

Executive Service Corps of the Triangle exists to help nonprofits achieve their missions. We match nonprofits with executive-level volunteers who provide high-quality, affordable consulting and capacity building services.

Our Vision

Vibrant nonprofits with resources, strength and influence to create lasting change embraced by their communities.

We Value

Knowing Our Clients
We listen and seek to understand each client’s unique needs, mission, vision, values and culture.

We possess the required skills and knowledge to provide excellent service and demonstrable results.

Being Impactful
We measurably improve our clients’ performance and, thereby, positively affect the communities they serve.

We feel a sense of shared ownership of our work with our clients for positive results.

We value dependability, diligent preparation and consistency of performance.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

We treat our clients and each other with the highest levels of respect and courtesy.

We engage in a two-way process of reciprocal listening and information sharing.

Continuous Learning
We pursue and promote continuous learning and growth for our clients and ourselves.

We hold ourselves to performance excellence and try to maintain perspective while doing it.

We seek to serve culturally diverse clients and to attract culturally diverse consultants and board members.

Volunteering – Our Passion is the Differentiator