Job Description for ESC Consultants

To work in partnership with clients and other ESC consultants to assist clients in improving the effectiveness of their nonprofit organizations.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Accepts engagements, individually or as part of a team, to consult with boards, executive directors and/or staff of nonprofit agencies.
  2. Exercises a high degree of professional competence and integrity, and puts a priority on maintaining client confidentiality when working on an assignment.
  3. Under the direction of the lead consultant and with other project members, completes some or all of the following:
    a.    Developing meeting agendas and creating relevant materials
    b.    Facilitating client meetings
    c.    Ensuring outcomes are documented
    d.    Analyzing situations and issues, offering constructive, objective and actionable recommendations
    e.    Completing ESC project goals and outcomes on time and with quality.
  4. Follows good consulting practices: gathering relevant information using active listening skills, identifying and analyzing problems, determining alternate solutions, making recommendations and securing client agreement to implement recommendations.
  5. Keeps the ESC lead consultant informed of project status throughout an assignment. Seeks assistance from lead consultant to accomplish project commitments and to build personal knowledge and expertise in delivering ESC services.
  6. Represents the project team when other team members are not available.
  7. Tracks and submits hours worked in a timely manner at the end of engagements.
  8.  Participates in a team debrief after each engagement.
  9. Fills out consultant satisfaction survey after each engagement.

Organizational Responsibilities

  • Actively participates in ESC activities (orientation, ongoing training, periodic meetings, etc.).
  • Volunteers to serve on internal committees and task forces as needed to help build the ESC organization.
  • Responsive to requests from the staff.


  • Over 10 years of senior management experience in business, nonprofit, government or academic sectors.
  • Content expertise in key areas such as strategic planning, finance, human resources and/or marketing.
  • History of involvement with nonprofits as a board member or volunteer preferable.
  • Understands the consulting process or is willing to be trained in consulting skills; internal or external consulting experience preferred.


  • Analysis and critical thinking: Able to reach conclusions, think strategically and determine consequences of different actions.
  • Versatility: Work well with diverse groups of people and types of nonprofits.
  • Strong communication skills: Active listening, writing, speaking and presenting.
  • Passion: Genuine interest in helping nonprofits succeed.
  • Dedication: Willing to commit the time needed.
  • Attitude: Engender trust, respect and support in all interactions.
  • Openness to Learning: Willing to learn new skills and attend professional development meetings.
  • Expertise: Keep current in field of professional specialization (such as finance, human resources, marketing, etc.).

Service Expectation

  • Willing to commit the time required to deliver high-quality consulting services to the clients of ESC.
  • Will complete an assignment once a commitment is made.
  • Maintains client confidentiality.
  • Adheres to the ESC Core Values.
  • Checks email regularly and responds in a timely fashion.
  • Working knowledge of Word and simple PowerPoint.
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