ESC has significant experience in assisting organizations in migrating their working relationships from simple cooperative agreements up to and including merger of two or more organizations. ESC believes that the best practice for the initial exploration is not to have an outside consultant undertake a study of alternatives and propose a recommendation to the boards. Rather, ESC prefers an approach that engages key members of the two organizations’ executive teams to work with an ESC consultant guiding them through a self-analysis resulting in the development of their own recommendation to which the boards are fully committed.

In approaching an engagement regarding repositioning the working relationships of two or more organizations that could result in a merger, ESC considers three qualifying conditions. They are:

  1. The missions of the organizations are compatible
  2. The boards already have an idea of the future role of the current EDs
  3. The boards are more in favor of adopting an even closer working relationship than to remaining at the current state of their relationship.
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