The crisis we are facing due to COVID-19 is difficult and at times mind numbing.  Everyone’s situation is unique, and the choices are complex, but we all face one crucial issue: How do we best plan for the short-term and long-term to deliver our mission?  

At ESC, we focus on helping you achieve your mission and we want to support you right now, when you may need it the most.  This email outlines some resources and an offer of pro-bono help from us. We have included three recommendations:

  1. Consider developing a Crisis Action Plan  – Pro bono help is available 
  2. Consider Professional Coaching – Experienced pro bono coaches are available
  3. Leverage NCCFNP – Their COVID-19 resources page is comprehensive and current 

The remainder of this message further describes these resources.

Do Crisis Action Planning

A crisis action plan is a recommended best practice that includes a 30-day plan, a 90-day plan, and a six-month plan.  The plan would have two sections:

  • A best case scenario (that we return to work as a society in the next few months) 
  • A worst case scenario (that we cannot return to work until maybe Fall)

The plan would consist of four sections for each scenario:

Operational/Client Plan – Develop specific actions to address operational issues and client service delivery.

Financial Plan – Revise revenue and expense projections, analyze cash flow implications, and address other financial issues.

Fundraising Plan – Develop specific actions to communicate with key donors and funders and decide how best to raise funds going forward.

Staffing Plan – Evaluate staffing needs, layoff considerations, prioritize staff and volunteer issues, communicate with these critical groups.

By putting together an action plan like this, you can think strategically, while at the same time put out the fires you face today.

If you would like help putting together such a plan, either through facilitating a session with you and your team, or facilitating a session with your Board, ESC is offering up to a full day of pro bono service via remote video conferencing.  Please complete a service request form.

If you would like, we also have a number of consultants with strong financial backgrounds who could assist you in this analysis and application to your unique situation.  ESC is offering pro bono services for a limited time to help you explore such opportunities via remote video conferencing. Please complete a service request form.

Consider Executive Coaching or Mentoring

At times like these, we could all use a little perspective and focus on the important.  ESC has coached hundreds of non profit professionals through difficult times, ultimately building resilience.  Our stable of experienced coaching professionals are uniquely qualified and motivated to help.

For a limited time, ESC is offering pro bono services to help you via remote video conferencing.  These short term, coaching engagements (3 sessions) are intended to address the unique needs of front line non profit professionals.  Special focus of these sessions will be on building and maintaining resilience as a means to counterbalance the impact of the uncertainties and pressures of widespread concern.  If interested, please complete a service request form.

Leverage North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

ESC is a proud member of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.  Many of you are a member as well. We have found their references and documents on how to respond to this crisis very comprehensive and helpful.  We offer you a link to their page for your reference in case you haven’t taken advantage of this information.

In summary, please know that ESC of the Triangle is motivated and available to help you in good times and bad.   Although we are most widely known for our capacity building services, we are also deeply experienced in operational and crisis support.  Our 70 volunteer coaches and consultants are uniquely qualified and motivated to help you now. Please consider taking advantage of our pro bono offerings at this unique time in history.

Be safe. Be well.  

ESC Office of the Executive Director
Craig Landwehr – Board Chair
Ken Waters – Board Treasurer
Paige Pait – Data Coordinator
Paula Hattley – Director of Coaching & Consulting