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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a management tool that will help you focus – and periodically refocus – your nonprofit’s vision and priorities. It can help you assure that the future is taken into account and that your activities are coordinated.

Strategic planning allows for the discussion of issues in a proactive rather than a reactive mode. It can provide a mechanism for the re-allocation of resources to respond to changing conditions and the means to obtain additional resources if required. It provides an opportunity to focus on the forest rather than the trees.

ESC’s strategic planning provides the following:

  • A consultant team who will work with your board and staff to create a new or updated 2-5 year plan.
  • A multi-step process to review the mission and vision of your organization and evaluate internal and external conditions that impact your success.
  • An identification of critical issues facing your organization and goals to address them. Specific action plans are developed to include key activities, responsibilities and timing. These benchmarks serve to monitor and measure progress in implementing the plan.
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